Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Extreme Makeover - Rocked

Hey everyone!

The Extreme Makeover project is done and over with and it was a GREAT success! Everyone worked so well together – tradesmen worked with their competitors, volunteers worked with strangers, etc. It was so awesome to be a part of the project at the Oregon School for the Deaf. The kids (and adults!) were so excited when they learned that they were going on a vacation and...oh wait, you'll just have to tune in on Halloween to check it out! :)

Our drivers were seriously rock stars, I have to say. On Monday night (the 6th) we moved...are you ready? Brace yourselves... four trucks moved 800 TONS OF ROCK in four hours! Oh my goodness! They were hauling like crazy! On Tuesday Mike manned the site all by his lonesome, on Friday Brian and Ronnie placed sidewalk grade and did the porch fills.

Saturday we had to call in the troops! We had six trucks on site from about 8 AM to 9:30 PM, it made for a long day, but we took care of all the landscaping soil and some miscellaneous rock.

I was totally surprised and in awe when at precisely 8:55 AM on Saturday, September 11th, the entire site shut down. Machines were shut down, work inside and outside the building ceased and hard hats were removed for a moment of silence followed by a prayer to remember those whose lives were lost nine years ago.

I should also note here that all day Saturday there were several firemen onsite helping out with anything and everything from sweeping to landscaping. It was so cool to see them just working away with their helmets on!

Later in the evening, Rich and Shelly Duncan were joined by a few servicemen and firefighters as another tribute was done. There were flags stationed everywhere all day long, both near the VIP tent and on each EZ Grade truck that was working on the site.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful our flag looks while flying high and proud?

All in all, this was a great project to witness and I’m SO glad we were presented the opportunity to be such a large part of it. Trina and I, as well as everyone else here at EZ Grade, cannot thank the Extreme Makeover team enough for such a unique and totally awesome experience. We sincerely wish them all the best and hope we get the chance to work with them again!

My time has run out and now I need to get back to work…so…

Until next time!