Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You can always "Fall Back" on EZ Grade!

In honor of the recent Daylight Savings time change, I've decided to dedicate this edition of the EZ Rock blog to how we can help you in the always rainy, sometimes slippery fall season.  Keep in mind, the list and ideas below are only a small part of what we can do to help you enjoy the beautiful colors of the season to their fullest extent.  

We can bring you ROCK to do the following*:
- Dig out Covers for new homes, sheds and shops!
- Driveway dress up / fill in for those darn potholes that are now your own personal version of Crater Lake
- Rock base for parking areas, areas you're looking to pour concrete, etc.
- Dog runs  (because we all love our pets so dearly, you deserve to have a nice area so they don't have to tear up your lawn or track mud into your house)
- Retaining wall backfill
- Dry creek beds
- Drainage
- Fill decommissioned oil or fuel tanks and old swimming pools

We can bring you SAND to do the following*:
- Lightly cover a slippery area to give you confidence in each step you take
- Sandbags! In case of flood, we are able to bring you sand so you can fill sandbags to protect your home or business
- Horse paddocks can get muddy and dangerous for your animals, let us bring you sand to help ease your mind
- Mud control

We can bring you BARKDUST / MULCH / WOOD CHIPS to do the following*:
- Erosion control
- Insulate plants to keep them from freezing

*And now for the "mandatory" asterisk explanation: As previously stated, the above lists are only the tip of the iceberg and are meant to help get the creative juices flowing.  Our trucks can fit anywhere a dump truck can and instead of them leaving you to push a wheelbarrow in the rain, we put it right where you want it!  That means you can grab your umbrella, a cup of your favorite hot beverage and just watch us do it for you!

Our drivers go through an intense training period and are skilled at a wide variety of applications with different materials.  By using the conveyors we can place some materials up to 120 feet from the truck, over a 20 foot obstacle or even THROUGH a hole as small as a foundation vent!  We have ten trucks to serve you and always guarantee service within 24 hours of your order being placed. If you're in a hurry to beat the storm that's rolling in, we can often get to you the same day.

Getting materials delivered has never been this EZ and once you experience our great customer service, you'll be hooked! 

It's been a pleasure, as always. And until next time - stay safe and stay dry!